1981 Volkswagen Rabbit

Posted By: François David In: Car features On: Friday, June 12, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 8372

It's not everyday that you get the occasion to open a garage door in a small Montréal's alley to reveal the perfect example of the car you've been pursuing for 3 years. That day happened a cold April morning of 2013 for the owner of this 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit.

"We all make our mistakes in life", says François, the 32 years old lucky owner of the 15k miles Rabbit pictured here. "My mistakes were to buy two other Rabbits before this one. One with rotten floors that ended up in a part out and a second one higly modified that got stolen. Patience is the name of the game when looking for these cars".

How do you find a clean example like this one? "You search all the online ads on a daily basis for three years, you check out at least 20 piles of junk and you make sure that the ad for the perfect car stays online less than 12 hours!" he says with a grin on his face.

With an immaculate canvas like this 15k miles example, the goal was simple: OEM+ look with a nice suspension and wheels setup. The small european chrome bumpers and chrome flag mirrors were quickly installed and a coilovers kit was installed. A set of RTX Wheels Phat 15x8 was lastly fitted to the car.

It stayed like this for a while, getting driven once in a while to go to work and to car shows in the weekends.

For summer 2015, a huge improvement is planned for the suspension setup, as well as minor interior upgrades. Full photoshoot to come when the Rabbit comes out of the shop!


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