4 New RTX Wheel Designs!

Posted By: Catherine Primeau In: Car features On: Friday, February 15, 2019 Comment: 0 Hit: 2261

The start of a new year also marks the arrival of 4 new RTX Wheels!

RTX Wheels, has offered a line of alloy rims and wheels since 2003.  It started with only 3 models, but over the years the line has become more diversified, thanks to market trends, technological advances, and consumer demand.


We are pleased to announce that 4 new wheel models will be added this year to our selection!


The following models will be added:



-RTX Off-Road Panzer (2 finishes)

-RTX Off-Road Gobi (2 finishes)

-RTX Off-Road Baja (2 finishes)




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