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What you should know!

The last snow storm made us doubt that summer will return someday and yet, a few days later, thermometers showed a 20 degrees Celsius scarcely believable. While the buds begin to bloom, you prepare to put on your vehicle to its most beautiful kicks. Here's what you need to prepare for your vehicle this summer. Whether you're a beginning user or an experienced enthusiast, this article is for you.

Wet Tire Contest
 For silly reasons, you have water accumulation in your tires since you stored them this winter. So it means you need to drain them but it's not wokting at all? For those who have already experienced this, it is almost impossible to evacuate water from the tire because the shape prevents it. It does that roll to the inside without ever leaving. We fortunately live in the age of information and the web offers several solutions.

The first solution is to hang a cloth inside and outside of the tire. Water soak the cloth and then runs on the ground.

The second solution is the fastest and simplest. You have to hit the tire with an angle of about 45 degrees on a pole. The water will be ejected.


Brush Your Wheels Like You Brush Your Teeth

When it's time to change your wheels, moisture, dirt and inadequate storage are factors that can ruin the sensational moment. If you notice a yellow ring mark on the surface of your rims, we recommend to clean your wheels with a microfiber cloth. Also before waxing your wheels, we advise to wash them with a soft soap. Plus, we suggest a wax with Carnauba component for better results. You can find these products in most retailers.

The Greatest Evil Is Imbalance

Should you balance your wheels? Of course, most of the time it's the tire that needs balancing. Despite all the progress in science and engineering made into design of the tire, slight weight variations can appear and affect your driving. This could occur a fairly obvious vibration into the steering of your vehicle. A similar sensation of snow accumulation in one of your rear wheels.

Each time you change your tires, a balancing should be done. So if your summer tires are already rims, they should find the same balance. That's why, we recommend to stand your tires while storing them and not lying on the side. Several months of inactivity on a low surface can contribute to his slump.

Also remember to do usual checks on your vehicle such as oil change, complete cleaning inside and outside to remove the calcium.

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